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Eco-friendly cleaning service

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In addition to our regular cleaning, we can also offer an eco-friendly cleaning service.


Today many businesses are being encouraged to adopt environmentally friendly practices and policies, including the attainment of ISO 14001. But does that extend to their cleaning?


Using our eco-friendly cleaning products and processes, Getty Cleaning Services can help reduce your companies impact on the environment. Green cleaning techniques and products avoid the use of chemical and toxic cleaning products which can cause respiratory and skin problems.


Eliminating harmful chemicals creates a healthier working environment for both staff, visitors and the cleaners themselves.                                                                              

Our Eco-friendly cleaning products are Ecolabel approved which certifies their reduced environmental impact, from extraction of the raw material, through to production, use and disposal.


Using microfibre technology can eliminate the need for chemicals in many cleaning applications, our Colour coded cleaning system ensures no cross contamination of bacteria between restroom's, kitchens and general area's.

Getty Cleaning Services are committed to reducing our impact on the Environment by;

  • Sourcing our cleaning supplies locally wherever possible
  • Recycling all plastics, cardboard, glass and paper
  • Using concentrated products, reducing packaging
  • Printing as little paperwork as possible
  • Reducing the harmful chemicals used in cleaning
  • Using a colour coded microfiber cleaning system
  • Ensuring that waste is disposed off carefully to prevent pollution

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